All pianos need to be tuned. At least once a year is a good rule of thumb for the average domestic piano but some pianos do require every 6 months even if the piano isn’t being played regularly. This depends on factors such as temperature, humidity, the condition and age of the piano and its environment. For many concerts, a piano is tuned before every performance, I try to tune all pianos to concert pitch A440 but sometimes this is not possible due to the age or condition of some pianos. However this does not mean the piano cannot be tuned, It can usually be tuned to itself or sometimes be brought up gently to concert pitch over the course of 2 or 3 tunings.


Keep your piano in tune. It was specifically designed to be tuned to the international pitch standard of A-440 cycles per second.

Your piano will sound its best and give you the most pleasure when it is tuned regularly and kept in proper playing condition.

Keep your piano clean. Keep the keyboard covered when not in use to prevent dust from accumulating.

Clean keys by occasionally wiping them with a damp cloth and drying them immediately.

Do not use chemicals or solvents to clean piano keys. Call a professional to remove anything from the keys that you can’t wipe away. Using chemicals and solvents can irreparably damage your piano.

To maintain the piano’s finish, you may wipe the case with a damp cotton cloth to remove fingerprints, or polish with a reliable emulsion-type, water-based solution following the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid aerosol spray polishes that contain silicone.

The maintenance of the inner workings of the piano and regulation should be left to a professional Piano Tuner. Resist dusting the inside of your piano, oiling the moving parts, or using moth or insect repellents.

Try to maintain a fairly consistent temperature and humidity control in the room where your piano is placed. It’s important to keep your piano away from heating – central heating dries out wood as well as people and some humidity is a good idea in the home.

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